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7 Tips for Bartering Products and Services

What better way to gain a new customer than by getting something you need in return? The following are tips to help you use bartering correctly, and make it a good experience for both you and who you are bartering with.

1. Make It Fair
Be sure you are both trading a fair value including shipping. It may be neccessary to trade more than one product/service or issue a gift certificate for the remaining amount.

2. Needs Only
Only barter if they (or you) need the product or service

3. Keep Records
Keep a good record of your barters. Treat it just as you would an actual sale.

4. Communicate
Keep in good contact with the person you are bartering with, both durring and after the trade.

5. Be Specific
Be specific on what you have to offer and what you want. You don't want to be wasting your time (or other's) answer requests to products/services you don't need.

6. Look for Barters in Appropriate Places
There are several different ways you can seek out what you need. Visiting message boards/groups making announcements in appropriate catagories is one way. Many sites also have a special section just for bartering. A few of these sites are:

Be sure to look at the current barters listed to see you have a match.

7. Most importantly, have fun!

About the author: Kara Kelso is a work at home mom of two, and the co-owner of Direct Sales Helpers, which is dedicated to helping mothers succeed in direct sales. For more information, visit:


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